Ghost Flower

25 years old. Scottish. Ametuer Poet.

Suffer — 16th Jan 2020


You’re so strong, I wish you knew it. I know you count the days like a sentence for a crime you didn’t commit. You think you’re being punished for the sins of those before you, whether your birthmark really is the wound that ended it all in a battle? But I know you fought a good cause in that life.

Because you were born to suffer.

You had to be in the darkness to learn that you are the light. This world is filled with living corpses, people so dead inside that their hearts only beat as another’s breaks. They will both need your guidance.

Shine on my darling. You are the descendent of stardust, the mother that ignited all life.

mother earth — 25th Nov 2019

mother earth

Consume me.

Consume me until there is nothing left,

Until you are dirt and bone,

And laid to rest.

Sleep in my arms and I’ll hold you close,

For eternity you’re mine,

For so little I was yours.

Happy — 21st Oct 2019
Stranger — 1st Sep 2019
Vibrations — 4th Aug 2019
Waves —


i’m not saying

you don’t have a right to

experience that wave of emotion

the kind of wave that leaves ripples

as the water recedes

you have to think

before you show me those colours

life hasn’t been kind

i can be angry

i can be the thunder and the lightening

or hurricane and tsunami

but life was never kind enough

to let me be that way

without letting it consume me entirely

like it did to those around me.

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